Animal Collage using Photoshop

Merge the animals!

We needed to create an animal mixing two or more pictures by using a non destructive method (masks and adjustment layers).
I started with something ridiculous and funny: A Monkeyraffe!

After a short time woking on it, I felt that there was something very wrong: The giraffe was directly pointing at the "camera", so any other face would basically hide the neck making it harder to blend the two different animals..
That's how Leoparrot was born..

NOW I was happy with the result! But in this white space it felt lonely and I was just starting to have fun! 
I decided to Photoshop it in a landscape with at least other two characters, just to practice and practice and practice..
Lights are not realistic and the overall look is visibly edited, but I am happy with the final result!!

Here a small video with the creative process breakdown:


A journey through my studies in Amsterdam. 3D modelling with Maya and 3dsMax, Photoshop and digital painting.