Dress him up! Using transformation tools in Photoshop

Skew, distort, warp and family

This time we had a grayscale Lego man waiting to be dressed up by us using pictures from the web.
The goal was to apply and "fit" the pictures on the model using masks and transformation tools and make it look believable.
This was the model used:

Look for ideas and themes

I wanted a punk-looking Legoman, so I started looking for clothes, hair, gadgets, etc. and for some fun detail like the flip-flops and Joey Ramone's face.

Here the pics picked:

After some editing I got to this first guy here:

I started without taking in consideration the real nature of the challenge. 
In the example above I did not keep the geometry and shapes of the lego model; instead, I've made realistic clothes on him... 
It was also too dark. Basically a kind of flop...


I started again. 
This time I was focused on the surfaces of the model rather than on the clothes. 
I also tried making it more "readable" by using vibrant colors, good contrast and a strong light.

I needed some less realistic hair that could fake the simple geometry used in lego, and a new face. I didn't want to paint over the head because I would have taken more time, so I started looking for new pics. 

I also decided to get rid of the flip-flops, just to have a more fresh result:

There it is!! Greg!

Yeah but how?

  1. Select the level with the picture you want to distort
  2. Press "V" on the keyboard to select the image
  3. click on any highlighted corner of the selection to activate extra transformation tools (If you don't see the small rectangles around your image, you need to check the button right on the top to show them)
  4. Right click on the pic and play around with the options.
  5. When you are happy about it, check on the top shelf to confirm your changes, or press enter.

Here a quick example of how the transformation tool is applied to fit a "background":


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