Make it Real - DVD cover for an imaginary band


The exercise consisted in creating a believable DVD cover for an invented band using photo-collage and a meticolous font research.
I was lately obsessed with Funk music, so the inspiration to come up with this came right away.
I needed a street view, dirt, and a drum kit.
A street because it's the natural environment of this genre and derivates.
Dirt as the name "Funk" refers to a strong odor, and as I can't communicate bad smell to your eyes, textures like dirt and noise comes in handy for the sensorial "translation".
Drum kit because I'm obsessed by rythm.

This was my Photoshop process breakdown-

  • Reference image (for measures and typography guides) of a standard DVD cover in the top layer
  • Rulers placed on the workspace to get rid of the reference image
  • Research for a great picture to use as a background at the bottom layer
  • Research for messy graphics to alter with filters and use as random textures
  • Drum kit picked online, quick subject selection and mask
  • Mess around with different brushes on the mask created for the drum kit level
  • Font research online / title “Motherfunk” under the top reference layer 
  • Song playlist on the back
  • logo “Donald Trumpet Productions”

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