Maya babysteps pt1 - Inspiration and reference

Learning Maya

So we are digging into two different 3d softwares which are 3dsMax and Maya. They more or less will get you to similar results, but there are some important differences that I still have to properly understand later down the road. As soon as I get there I will cover the topic in a different post.

To learn how does Maya work we started by setting up a Pinterest account to collect interesting pictures to use as references, and inspiration. We focused on buildings because of their geometry and generally its combination of simple shapes like cubes, cylinders and planes. 

I found a beautiful reference of a concept by Charl, and Front view rendering of a 3d model realized by Themanatee on 


The exercise consists in creating a 3d model based on the reference. By following some fundamental rules (Keep it simple and No Ngons), It will give us a proper general overview of the possibilities we have with this kind of software.

This was my starting point. As you can see my intention is to model just one side and then mirror it. There are some irregularities along the model, so the process will have different approaches depending on the area we are working on.

Even though this was my first approach, I deleted the whole model after some modelling and started with a cube instead of a plane.

I divided the cube in four sections (Ground, First, Second and roof) and then extracted every face I needed to model.
By extracting areas of the model we assure the absence of useless geometry on it. For instance an Edge Loop will not affect the faces that are not part of the area previously extracted.

Till the next update! ;)

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