Images melting pot


Here we were asked to use at least 10 different pictures from the web and MELT them in a background using filters, masks and adjustment layers.
The goal is to get familiar with the "non-destructive" pipeline, which allows you to change any detail at any point. If a client asks you to do so, this comes in handy.


This is a list of the images I downloaded for this exercise:

With masks, adjustments layers and some aesthetic rules in mind, I could get to something I was finally happy with. If something pops up too much and it looks like it doesn't belong there, you know there is something wrong!

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  1. Hi Michel,
    I really love your work and how you present it, i can tell by just looking at your blog that you are really passionate about art and that you really did do a lot of research on how you can define your artwork the best way possible.

    However, in your other blogs i see you breaking it down quite differently and much more clearer for the viewer. In this one i had to look up and down the images a couple of times to realize that you made the top image out of all of the listed images.

    Of course it is only a compliment on your work because i really had to take a second look and realize... Oh, yes i see. i thought it was just an other original photo he used in his work.

    So overall, nice job, keep it up! I am looking forward to see more of your work and progress!

    GreetingZ RJP :)

    1. thanks!! I’ll try to be more detailed the next time I show the artwork breakdown! I really appreciated your comment :)


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