Values Matter Part 2 - Navigator window

Painting with the Navigator in Photoshop 

Here above I posted a screenshot of an exercise I was working on: Left side, a picture of a painting from Maximilian Roch - Right side, digital reproduction.
To get as close as I can without losing too much time or getting crazy, I personally like to work avoiding zooming for as much and as long as I can. 
Big brushes and simple shapes.

After that, I like to start giving it some more refinements here and there, but only when I am happy of the rough version of it I start zooming more and more for adding details.

But there is a problem:

When you are "zoomed-in" for a long time on the same spot, you lose sight of the overall look of the painting, so you end up very quickly with spending a lot of effort on something that at the end... quite sucks.

Here above an example for avoiding that to happen -
After the first two steps (Shapes and Values), open the Navigator panel on the "window" menu and use it as a second"screen". While you are sweating on details, you can easily check how the whole painting looks.
This feature helped me a lot speeding up the digital painting process, so I hope that sharing it with you would be helpful for beginners that are starting with digital painting!
(Sorry for the quality of the video!)


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