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I was born in Rome in October '89.
I love stories, music, visual arts. Creativity in general.
Creativity is my general. I kind of see it like a living creature that needs that spark we all have to survive. When I grow older I want to be an animator.


My inner creative pull manifested itself in various interesting ways:

1 - Started writing at least five "books" (something like 50-100 pages each) and never finished one. Of course.
2- Wrote pages and pages of rap lyrics while creating a choreography for a breakdance crew I was proudly part of. Obviously we sucked in jumping around and all of that, but it was too much fun to admit it..
3- Together with a friend, invented an imaginary universe with its worlds, languages, rules and characters (this was from like 10 years old till 22!)
4- Learned to play the guitar and started writing and recording songs resulting in me playing in pubs for four years with other two musicians. Totally loved it.
5- Recorded and edited a 1h20m home-made movie as a present for a friend of mine who was getting a bachelor degree. 
6- 2d animated music videoclips, one for me and one for a grunge band in Rome. And thats why I love tutorials on youtube.

My intention with this list is far away from showing off (also because most of them were just temporary explosions of desires more than serious projects). 
Many people are complaining about not finding the right path or "career", while I really think that is all about trying out your desires and experimenting until it actually hits you in the face.

I was born in the fall months of the 89' in a red dressed Italy. 
I have been drawing and crafting with my creativity since the very beginning of my childhood, and I was lucky enough to have parents that supported me.

I have been seriously looking for my path through various disciplines starting with a comic school in Rome.
I fell in love with the storytelling process and the complete freedom that offered, and luckily enough and despite my youth, that passion led me to a national award for best short comic and storytelling in Italy. This actually IS showing off, isn't it?
Soon I discovered an inspiring illustration course that focused on artwork aesthetics instead of focusing on storytelling.. It taught me what does it mean to have a client and made me realize that having boundaries was actually giving me more ideas to start building with my imagination. After some time, I got again to the point of doubting of my skills and look for further improvements.

Of course in the background, with all the rapping, breakdancing and messing around with pencils and markers, a passion for street art was naturally born. I started visiting regularly two places: An abandoned slaughterhouse and an area in Rome where it was allowed to spray the walls. Painting on biiig surfaces is so satisfying, I totally recomend trying it out once ;)

After the illustration course I started my studies in Fine Arts, but it didn't turn out as expected.. I discovered that I had little psychological resistance in that kind of environment.
What is Art? What defines it? Is it just a matter of how good are you convincing other people that THAT is Art, or instead is something real and alive that is there even when we are not looking 'cause we're too busy with our magic tricks?

There was something so incredibly attractive about abstract art though, that convince me to give it a try. Colors and composition.
I begun working in small and "human" art galleries and learning from a great person and artist in his studio. This is one of my best memories, but unluckily it was not something I was willing to do for a living..

At this point I was old enough to feel frustrated for not having succeeded in finding what my "job" would be, combined with the guilt of not having a deep and complete understanding of everything needed to succeed professionally in one of those fields.

My superhero here in this story, is animation. It basically landed on me when I was about to break.
Now I am digging deep into this world to literally unchain myself.

Michel Chabaneau

A journey through my studies in Amsterdam. 3D modelling with Maya and 3dsMax, Photoshop and digital painting.

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