The first animation was an experiment that ended up by becoming one of the most intense experiences I had. Inspired by a horrible pollution-related problem in the south of Italy, is dedicated to my bass player and his family.

I didn't know where to start but the curiosity guided me until the end. I had no storyboard because I was just having fun and no softwares for animation... I used a basic painting software, saved one drawing after the other and added the frames one by one in the movie editor timeline.  

At the end the scarcity of tools and the lack of experience unexpectedly led me at this very original-looking and story-driven animation.
Btw, don't try this at home, be smarter than me.

Chemical Dreams

The second one is the result of youtube tutorials and hard work. 
Being this my second 2d animation, I was (still am) pretty happy with the result.
The frame-rate is higher than the one from the first videoclip, making the movements smoother. Also the possibility to use virtual camera and shapes interpolation made the whole process a lot easier.

Turning And Suffering - Acid Muffin


  1. Great videoclips, indeed very original and satisfying to look at!
    Especially the scene in the second videoclip where the guy has to outrun these giant spikes and monster was reeealy dope (great camera angles and super smooth).
    But I was wandering, do you aslo have some sort of idea about what your future is going to look like in the world of animation?
    Maybe you could talk a bit more about where you would like to go after you have all the skills this studie provides. Do you want to become a 2d animator (for more videoclips for example), or work within a company? I'm just realy curious and I would love to here more about your goals!
    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    1. hey Jeremy! Indeed Im curious about this as well! I really enjoy 2d animation and I won’t abandon it even if 3d animation ends up being more exciting for me, but still to figure out :)
      For sure Im quite interested in working in the music industry as an animator, but i’ll keep the doors open fon any unexpectedly incredible guests!


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